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Work At Home...Delivering Wellness!
Sunday, 18 July 2010
Are You A Go-Getter or a Lazy Bum?
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Topic: When Will It Happen?
Bet you are wondering why we would ask that question?
Let me tell you why.  First of all, we don't have time to waste on lazy bums that think the world owes them something...Life owes you nothing!
Second of all, we are looking for self-motivated individuals, that can work on their own time schedules, don't need a babysitter and do not have to be told what to do...from the comfort of your very own home!
No more babysitters to pay, no more driving to and fro...Money already in your pocket!  No gimmicks, no mlm, no get-rich-quick...just facts.  The only requirement we have and this is the only a computer and a connection to the internet.  That is a MUST...
The faster YOU sign up, the more hours YOU put into YOUR business, the more money YOU will make.  Currently, I have been a bit lazy and have just put time in on this site and our group sites.  No big deal, I enjoy keeping everyone informed and inviting new people to join us.
You will come on board in an entry level Marketing Executive position.  The training you will need is basically internet based...thats why the computer is necessary!  There are weekly podcasts and webcasts and training sessions with our leaders.
There is no hard selling, no deliveries to make and  what products we do have sell themselves....That's fact!  They are natural by nature, sustainable and are unique!
That will come later!  Right now...join us and find out for yourself! 

Posted by Connie and/or Diane at 12:23 AM MDT
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Saturday, 17 July 2010
Mood:  happy
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Topic: What Is?
Just wanted to extend a big WELCOME to all who stop by...
You won't be held hostage, hog-tied, gagged or misunderstood here!  We are a friendly, fun bunch of stay at home moms, dads, doctors, lawyers, real estate execs...we come from all walks in life.
Some of us have two and three jobs and some of us have only this small business adventure to depend on, to get us through the tough times and to pay our bills.  I know, you are wondering how working at home can pay the bills...
That all comes later...Now, tell us what you currently do or if you are unemployed and looking for a means to take care of your family and get the bills paid and still have money left over for those little fun things in life. 
By the way, FYI...most of the individuals working with us, in this business are making 5-6 and 7 figure incomes each and every month...and you can too! 

Posted by Connie and/or Diane at 11:51 PM MDT
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